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Facts on Lab Diamond


As lab grown diamonds are made in controlled lab environments, they are absolutely conflict free. They do not involve violence, human rights abuse or environmental destruction. Lab grown diamonds or engineered diamonds make ethical alternatives to natural mined diamonds, and are optically, chemically and physically identical to them. Apart from being conflict free, lab diamonds also exhibit remarkable brilliance, sparkle and fire. Opt for lab grown diamond earrings and say ‘no’ to conflict diamonds.

About Lab Grown Earrings

From gorgeous dangle earrings, charming floral studs to elegant diamond hoops, earrings have been a treasured piece of jewelry for people across the globe. They first made an appearance as early as 3000 B.C., and since then have enamored hearts, thanks to a multitude of creative designs and styles.

At Pure Ignis, we’re passionate about creating high-quality, stunning earrings which feature lab grown diamonds. They are grown in advanced lab settings that replicate the environment within the earth’s crust. Not only are they 100% conflict-free, but leave zero carbon foot print. So when you choose engineered diamond earrings from Pure Ignis, you say no to unethical mining practices that is often resorted for natural diamonds and yes to a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.

Our collection of lab grown or lab created diamond earrings are classy, elegant and shine with flawless brilliance. They’re available in a variety of alluring styles.


Charming and stylish are two words that perfectly describe the earrings in this fashion collection. Available in white, yellow and rose gold, these earrings beautifully showcase the sparkle of lab grown diamonds. Creatively designed and skillfully crafted, jewelry pieces from this collection will instantly add a feminine flair to any ensemble.


The splendid hoops featured in this collection are perfect gifts to spoil yourself or someone you love. They’ve been crafted seamlessly to radiate the brilliance of our engineered diamonds, and to draw attention to your face. An ideal accessory for any occasion, these alluring hoops offer a great way to turn your everyday casual appearance to upscale chic in seconds.


Our collection includes a range of beautiful studs, which are undeniably one of the classiest pieces of jewelry that can be worn. These studs feature glistening lab grown diamonds ingrained in white, yellow and rose gold. Available in floral, vintage and three-stone designs, amongst others, they radiate a blend of simplicity and elegance. This collection is perfect for women who prefer an understated charm.

We, at Pure Ignis, want everyone to experience the brilliance and purity of conflict-free diamonds through our exquisite collection of earrings and other jewelry pieces. We take immense pride in featuring only lab grown diamonds, which are sought-after across the world as they do not contribute to natural or human exploitation in any manner. Choose a gorgeous pair of earrings by Pure Ignis and revel in the dazzle of diamonds that are cultured with love and engineered with precision.