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  • $1,709
    At the heart of this stunning 14k gold ring glisten three radiant diamonds intricately set within an equally glimmering diamond halo. Redefining opulence, this lab grown three stone ring is the perfect representation of the past, present and the future.
  • $3,439
    An intricate halo encircles the radiant diamond center stone. The cathedral setting adds to the elegant appearance of this 14k gold lab grown diamond halo ring, while the claw prongs lend a classic edge to the design.
  • $1,369
    Designed to redefine opulence, this split shank ring features a round diamond that sparkles away in its entire splendor. The glistening diamond halo and the diamond accents on the split shank accentuate its beauty. Delicate scrollwork on the gallery infuses a classic appeal to this 14k gold lab grown diamond halo ring.
  • $1,109
    Depicting a lovely flower in full bloom, this 14k gold lab grown diamond engagement ring is a beautiful interpretation of feminine elegance. The scalloped diamond encrusted halo enhances the beauty and radiance of this ring, while the intricately studded shank mirrors the look of leaves.
  • $529
    Sheer brilliance and grandeur showcased by this exceptionally beautiful engagement ring makes it a wonderful choice for your special day of love. Its opulent design displays a glorious lab grown diamond, four-prong set within a double halo. Additional lab diamond accents on the shank add to the design's beauty. Set in 14k white gold, this double halo engagement ring is as magnificent as true love should be.
  • $3,489
    Combining the beauty of the halo and the split shank, this lab grown diamond engagement ring is a splendid work of art. Two rows of delicately prong set diamonds sparkle on the 14k gold split shank, and extend further to merge with the diamond halo around the center stone.
  • $3,699
    Beautifully crafted split shoulders blend with the diamond halo to enclose a sparkling diamond in the center. Artistically sculpted in 14k gold, this halo split shank engagement ring showcases a glittering treat of luxuriant lab grown diamonds.
  • $3,689
    The timeless halo design is recreated with double the sparkle in this lab grown diamond engagement ring. It features a luxurious twotiered diamond studded halo framing the dazzling center stone. Glittering accents on the 14k gold shank further enhance the beauty of this double halo diamond ring.
  • $1,379
    This stunning lab grown diamond engagement ring with milgrain detailing strikes the right balance between beauty and grandeur. Set in 14k gold frame, it features a round center diamond surrounded by smaller accent diamonds for added sparkle.
  • $1,099
    Breathtakingly beautiful, this classic engagement ring in 14k gold features a brilliant lab grown diamond that sits majestically within an alluring halo. Setting off this brilliance is an equally dazzling shank embellished with diamonds.
  • $1,169
    Encircled with a sparkling halo, this 14k gold diamond engagement ring is a fine example of flawless beauty. The delicately faceted lab grown center stone is beautifully complemented by a diamond encrusted band.

About Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamonds have always been considered a significant investment due to their rarity, beauty and brilliance. In addition to being a financial commitment, it often involves an emotional engagement as well. This is especially true in the case of engagement rings.

At Pure Ignis, we’ve created an alluring collection of diamond engagement rings for women that offer the perfect blend of quality and sophistication. We use only lab grown diamonds, which unlike natural diamonds do not contribute to environmental or human exploitation in any manner as they are 100% conflict-free.

We’ve captured the everlasting beauty of diamond engagement rings for women, in this exceptional collection.


As the name suggests, the engagement rings in our classic collection have a distinctive and timeless charm about them. Every piece has been crafted from lab grown or lab created diamonds, and is a beautiful option to declare your love and commitment. Whether you want to own a gorgeous three stone engagement ring or a mesmerizing diamond solitaire ring with a split shank, you’ll find it all right here.


When small, luminous diamonds come together to surround the center stone it creates a halo; one of the most alluring ring styles of all times. Our collection features an assortment of designs, including a gorgeous rose gold engagement ring that is beautifully complemented by a diamond encrusted band. It’s also available in white and yellow gold. Another popular design is the scalloped halo ring. It features an intricately studded shank that depicts the look of leaves, while the scalloped diamond encrusted halo blooms like a delicate flower.


Set in an elegant band that holds a single, stunning diamond in the center, solitaire rings exude a luxurious appeal that will always remain in fashion. At Pure Ignis, we have elevated the charm of this style and taken it to the next level by infusing various design elements. For instance, the diamond celtic knot ring does not only showcase a gorgeous solitaire, but also an elaborate celtic knot, which depicts the bonding of two souls. The center diamond in this design is flanked by a triquetra on each side, which symbolizes love, honor and protection. If you wish to opt for something that’s unpretentious yet grand, then a classic diamond solitaire engagement ring accentuated by accents that cascade down the shank may just be what you need.


This renowned style of engagement ring has received immense admiration due to its representation of permanence and completeness. Our collection beautifully incorporates the symbol of infinity through a variety of artistic and creative designs. These striking infinity engagement rings, crafted in gold, offer an exceptional way to showcase your message of never ending trust, love or friendship.

Beautiful designs blended with the sparkle of lab grown diamonds, makes every engagement ring in this collection a wonderful gift for someone you love.