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  • $209
    Cut and crafted to perfection, this horizontal bar ring displays a seamless blend of elegance and style. It features luminous, lab grown diamonds that entice your gaze with their purity and brilliance. The pave setting holds these incandescent eco-friendly rocks securely within the horizontal bar frame, while the milgrain detailing surrounding the silhouette infuses a subtle vintage charm to the overall appearance. Designed in 14k white gold, it has a sleek shank which makes it perfect to be worn along with other rings.
  • $209
    The simplicity of design and elegance displayed by this diamond ring makes it a versatile piece of jewelry, perfect for everyday wear. Its beauty is elevated by the brilliance of a bezel set, lab grown diamond solitaire. The purity of the eco-friendly gem is complemented by the luminance of 14k white gold metal, which envelops this fine piece of jewelry with its distinctive charm. The sleek shank of this timeless beauty makes it comfortable to be worn with other rings.
  • $229
    A splendid half eternity wedding band, like the one seen here, is a beautiful way to make your promise of a bond that transcends time. The design of this classic piece of jewelry features a sleek shank that is draped with the sophistication of 14k white gold. Infusing opulence into this ring's minimalist pattern are glimmering lab grown diamonds that are partially bezel set on the shank. Eco-friendly diamonds and the alluring charm radiated by this stackable wedding ring together make it a prized possession.
  • $249
    This flawlessly designed diamond trilogy ring may appear simple, but it is undeniably charming at the same time. The bezel set lab grown diamonds allure effortlessly with their purity and brilliance, while the cutwork detailing on their frame gives them the subtle appearance of blooming flowers. The sleek shank offers you the comfort to stack it along with other rings. Crafted in 14k white gold, this lovely diamond trio ring radiates elegance and versatility making it perfect for everyday wear.
  • $259
    An elegant and artistically designed piece of jewelry, like this hexagon ring, is a wonderful way to display your affinity for something that's sophisticated and eco-friendly. The radiant 14k white gold metal makes an alluring background for the pave set lab grown diamonds that cluster together and adorn the hexagon frame. Their purity and luminescent charm is elevated by milgrain detailing seen on the silhouette. The versatility and charisma of this diamond ring makes it a great addition to your jewelry box.
  • $269
    The magnificence radiated by this brilliantly designed three stone diamond ring captures attention without much effort. Designed in 14k white gold, it showcases incandescent lab grown diamonds that symbolize the past, present and future. The frame of these glorious bezel set, eco-friendly gems is adorned with milgrain detailing, which uplifts the appeal of the ring with its distinctive charm. Separating each of the diamonds from one another is a cluster of artistically crafted metal beads, which is yet another beautifully incorporated design element.
  • $299
    Simplicity and sophistication exuded by the design of this horizontal bar ring makes it an alluring piece of jewelry. Designed in 14k white gold, it features sparkling lab grown diamonds that are pave set within the horizontal bar frame. Milgrain detailing surrounding the eco-friendly gems further draws focus to their fiery magnificence. This extremely versatile and undeniably elegant ring also has a sleek shank that allows you to stack it along with other rings.
  • $299
    Showcase a beautiful blend of sophistication and grandeur as you adorn this flawlessly designed three stone promise ring. Its 14k white gold tapered shank exudes a resplendent charm that is elevated to a new level by the brilliant, prong set lab grown diamonds encrusted on it. These eco-friendly gems, representing the past, present and future, capture your gaze effortlessly with their purity and luster. This alluring and stackable diamond ring is a wonderful way to showcase your penchant for classic jewelry.
  • $299
    Minimalistic design and the purity of lab grown diamonds can together create a captivating piece of jewelry, just like this three stone promise ring. It features a magnificent diamond in the center, with a smaller sized diamond on each of its sides. These bezel set lab grown gems, signifying the past, present and future, dazzle with all their glory and entice your gaze without any effort. The cutwork frame surrounding them infuses a charming and distinctive appeal into the design. Crafted in 14k white gold, this stackable diamond ring is sure to win hearts with its understated elegance.
  • $309
    The impressive design of this half eternity wedding band symbolizes the strength of a bond that transcends time. It is crafted from 14k white gold that drapes the ring with an elegant sheen, while the lab grown diamonds that partially adorn the shank captivate your gaze with their sheer brilliance. These eco-friendly gems are pave set within expertly crafted leaf motif frames that also feature milgrain detailing around the silhouette for a truly mesmerizing look. This wedding band showcases the perfect blend of expert craftsmanship and the purity of lab grown diamonds.
  • $309
    Make your moment of "I do" truly memorable with this spectacular half eternity wedding band. Its contemporary design showcases a sleek shank that is adorned with alternating marquise and square frames with gorgeous milgrain detailing around the silhouette. Embedded within these frames are pave set lab grown diamonds that instantly infuse opulence into the design. The 14k white gold metal offers the perfect backdrop for this stunning piece of jewelry. An undeniably charming pattern teamed with eco-friendly gems makes this stackable wedding band a product of refined artistry.
  • $339
    Opulence is embodied effortlessly by this alluring and expertly crafted wedding band. It displays stunning lab grown diamonds that have been pave set within beautiful hexagon frames. The elegant milgrain detailing on the edges draws your focus towards the magnificence of the eco-friendly gems. The 14k white gold metal further uplifts the allure of the design and creates the perfect backdrop for a classy piece of jewelry. Showcasing a flawless blend of quality and beauty, this wedding band is sure to win hearts.
  • $349
    Cut and crafted to perfection, this hexagon solitaire ring exudes a refined appeal. The lab grown diamond, encrusted in the heart of the finely crafted frame, radiates an eye-catching brilliance and purity. The pave setting securely holds the luminous rock, while the fine milgrain detailing on the silhouette infuses a graceful charm into the design. This stackable diamond ring is a wonderful choice for those who like understated elegance, with just a hint of opulence.
  • $359
    This classy wedding band has been designed to give you the best of both worlds; the purity of lab grown diamonds and the visual appeal of a sophisticated design. It showcases two horizontal bar frames, one placed above the other, in an asymmetrical fashion for an alluring look. Both the bars are partially adorned with prong set lab grown diamonds that entice your gaze with their sheer brilliance. The 14k white gold metal envelops this double bar bypass band with an innate sophistication, and further elevates its beauty.
  • $389
    Sophistication is redefined by the simple yet extremely versatile design of this semi-eternity wedding band. It features resplendent lab grown diamonds that are partially u-pave set on this charming piece of jewelry. The shank of this half eternity band has been crafted to ensure comfort and the versatility to be worn along with other rings. The blend of 14k radiant white gold with the brilliance of eco-friendly gems together creates an alluring look that's hard to miss.

About Lab Grown Diamond Jewelry

While jewelry, today, features an assortment of gemstones; diamonds are undoubtedly the most desired and sought-after amongst them all. In the beginning, diamonds were the possessions of only the affluent sections of the society, however today they are accessible to almost everyone. The down side to the ever-increasing demand and subsequent supply of this precious rock is unethical mining practices. In addition to causing irreparable damage to the environment, they’ve also lead to the loss of human lives.

At Pure Ignis, we are committed to the well-being of our planet and have combined this endeavor with our passion for creating high-quality, exquisite diamond jewelry. All of our creations are adorned with only 100% flawless, lab grown diamonds that are also free from any form of natural or human exploitation.

From stylish bracelets and stunning engagement rings, to elegant gold necklaces; you’ll find them all and more at Pure Ignis.


Brilliantly designed and skillfully crafted, our collection of diamond rings has something to complement every mood and occasion. These effortlessly elegant rings display exceptional quality and shine, and are available in a variety of styles. Here you’ll find everything; from gorgeous heart shaped promise rings and infinity love knots, to splendid diamond solitaires and beautiful rose gold engagement rings. Each piece shines exuberantly with our lab grown diamonds.


At Pure Ignis, we’ve crafted a collection of high-quality earrings that are charming and absolutely eye-catching. Our fashion earrings and hoops, available in white, yellow and rose gold, and are perfect for infusing a feminine flair to any ensemble. We also have an assortment of studs in attractive designs, such as vintage and floral.


Our collection of diamond bracelets features popular styles that effortlessly draw attention to your wrist and hands. Tennis bracelets rose to fame in the year 1987 because of tennis legend Chris Evert. This charming style features glittering diamonds set in symmetrical, continuous links along the complete length of the metal chain. An infinity bracelet, on the other hand, incorporates the figure 8 as a symbol of never-ending friendship, love or trust.


Our wonderful collection of necklaces for women made from lab grown diamonds is available in the styles of classic, fashion, halo and solitaire. While classic is perfect for someone who wants to flaunt timeless sophistication, fashion necklaces are ideal for showcasing your personal sense of style. You can also choose the halo style which features stunning accent diamonds that hold together a single, alluring diamond in the center. Solitaire necklaces are another great option as they radiate opulence and complement almost any attire.

Diamond jewelry has always been a popular gift choice for the celebration of various momentous occasions of our lives. At Pure Ignis, it’s our constant endeavor to make these memories even more special with our collection of exquisite jewelry that glimmers with the brilliance and purity of conflict-free diamonds.