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  • $509
    Subtle yet elegant, this 14k gold lab grown diamond ring features a sophisticated bypass design. The two prong set diamonds shine endlessly, complemented by the shimmer of the accent stones that adorn the shank.
  • $479
    A brilliant round diamond is prong set within an open heart frame encrusted with glimmering accents. The sleek 14k gold bypass band lends an edge of sophisticated charm to this lab grown diamond ring.
  • $439
    Two glimmering round diamonds are set on a 14k gold bypass band for a captivating look. Diamond accents cascade down the shank, adding to the mesmerizing sparkle of this two stone lab grown diamond ring.
  • $439
    Effortlessly elegant, this two stone ring is a beauty in 14k gold. Two lab grown diamonds are intricately set at the center, flanked by twinkling accents on both sides.
  • $419
    Set in uniquely shaped prongs, the three center diamonds blaze like stars. Glistening diamond accents adorn the shank adding to the radiance of this 14k gold lab grown diamond ring.
  • $399
    This lab grown diamond ring in 14k gold is an embodiment of subtle glamour. The delicately set center diamond is surrounded by an alluring pearshaped diamond halo that gives the design a distinctive look.
  • $349
    Cut and crafted to perfection, this hexagon solitaire ring exudes a refined appeal. The lab grown diamond, encrusted in the heart of the finely crafted frame, radiates an eye-catching brilliance and purity. The pave setting securely holds the luminous rock, while the fine milgrain detailing on the silhouette infuses a graceful charm into the design. This stackable diamond ring is a wonderful choice for those who like understated elegance, with just a hint of opulence.
  • $339
    This artistically crafted ring and its heart frame showcase the refined gleam of 14k white gold metal. A trio of splendid lab grown diamonds is pave set within the heart to infuse brilliance into this enticing piece of jewelry. The finesse exuded by this flawlessly designed lab grown diamond dome shank ring is perfect to make your promise of love, truly special.
  • $339
    Exuding the sparkle and purity of true love, this expertly crafted diamond halo ring mesmerizes you with its aesthetic charm. The split shank's artistic curves infuse their distinctive character to the design and are partially adorned with lab grown diamonds for a heightened visual appeal. These eco-friendly gems also form a halo around the glorious prong set diamond solitaire that is nestled in the heart of the ring. An ethereal beauty made from 14k white gold, this ring is a perfect way to make your promise of a future together.
  • $329
    Love is a beautiful and pure emotion, just like the lab grown diamonds embellished in this exquisite ring. Set in 14k white gold, this creation personifies a flawless blend of opulence and sophistication. Sparkling lab grown diamonds are partially encrusted on one curve of the beautiful split shank, while a captivating prong set diamond solitaire is held within its heart. Every element of this stunning, classic lab grown diamond solitaire ring radiates finesse and refined craftsmanship.
  • $319
    Infinity rings possess a timeless charm that never goes out of style. When this splendid knot motif is teamed with the magnificence of lab grown diamonds the result is an eye-catching masterpiece; like the one seen here. The resplendent gems, partially embedded on the shank, dazzle endlessly like stars in the night sky. In the heart of this ring sits a sleek infinity knot that lets the lab grown diamonds to pass right through it. Crafted from 14k white gold, this stackable infinity ring is a wonderful choice to make your promise of love that transcends time.
  • $299
    Minimalistic design and the purity of lab grown diamonds can together create a captivating piece of jewelry, just like this three stone promise ring. It features a magnificent diamond in the center, with a smaller sized diamond on each of its sides. These bezel set lab grown gems, signifying the past, present and future, dazzle with all their glory and entice your gaze without any effort. The cutwork frame surrounding them infuses a charming and distinctive appeal into the design. Crafted in 14k white gold, this stackable diamond ring is sure to win hearts with its understated elegance.
  • $299
    Showcase a beautiful blend of sophistication and grandeur as you adorn this flawlessly designed three stone promise ring. Its 14k white gold tapered shank exudes a resplendent charm that is elevated to a new level by the brilliant, prong set lab grown diamonds encrusted on it. These eco-friendly gems, representing the past, present and future, capture your gaze effortlessly with their purity and luster. This alluring and stackable diamond ring is a wonderful way to showcase your penchant for classic jewelry.
  • $279
    This beautiful promise ring has a simple and charming design; however the presence of lab grown diamonds truly elevates its appeal. In the heart of this elegant piece of jewelry sits a bezel set lab grown diamond solitaire that allures you with its purity and radiance. This ring's expertly sculpted shank resembles the curve of a wave and is partially embellished with more luminescent rocks for an added charm. This classy ring has been crafted from 14k white gold, which complements the luster of lab grown diamonds with its elegant sheen.
  • $259
    This charming diamond floral ring instantly qualifies as one of the classiest piece of jewelry that a woman can wear. Its design showcases resplendent lab grown diamonds that cluster together like a beautiful flower in full bloom. These bezel set, eco-friendly gems infuse their brilliance and purity into this fine piece and make it a priceless possession. The 14k white gold metal elevates the overall appeal and creates the perfect backdrop for an elegant piece of jewelry.
  • $229
    Minimalistic yet charming designs, as seen in this expertly crafted diamond ring, capture hearts with the effortless elegance they radiate. This ring displays a perfect harmony between the brilliance of prong set diamonds and the radiance of the 14k white gold metal. The purity of the conflict-free, lab grown diamonds makes this alluring piece of jewelry a priceless possession. Radiating a sophisticated grace, this lab grown diamond cluster promise ring is the perfect way to showcase your commitment to a future together.
  • $209
    The simplicity of design and elegance displayed by this diamond ring makes it a versatile piece of jewelry, perfect for everyday wear. Its beauty is elevated by the brilliance of a bezel set, lab grown diamond solitaire. The purity of the eco-friendly gem is complemented by the luminance of 14k white gold metal, which envelops this fine piece of jewelry with its distinctive charm. The sleek shank of this timeless beauty makes it comfortable to be worn with other rings.
  • $209
    The simplest things in life are often the most beautiful, like this expertly crafted four stone promise ring. Bezel set, lab grown diamonds cluster together in the heart of this ring, and radiate a fiery magnificence. Their radiance is perfectly complemented by the 14k white gold metal, which drapes the ring with its distinct sophistication. A sleek and comfortable shank makes this classy piece of jewelry perfect to be stacked along with other rings.

About Lab Grown Diamond Promise Rings

The demand for promise rings has seen a significant rise in recent times, and for a very good reason. Its allure can be attributed to the meaning it represents making it extremely popular among couples. For some, a promise ring is a way to show commitment and devotion, while many others may wear it as a symbol of an impending engagement. One way or the other, it’s a significant ‘promise’ you make to your loved one.

At Pure Ignis, we offer promise rings in a variety of mesmerizing styles. Here’s a look at some of them.


If you have an affinity for contemporary yet meaningful designs, then these rings will give you the best of both. Take for instance our exquisitely crafted open heart promise ring. Its beautiful frame is adorned with diamonds accents, while a glorious diamond solitaire sits in the center and sparkles endlessly. The seamless blend of a chic design with the beauty of lab created diamonds makes this and all our fashion promise rings a celebration of your love and commitment.


The charm of an infinity motif is truly timeless, and when it is adorned with the resplendence of lab grown diamonds, the result is undeniably stunning; as seen in this collection. A wonderful example of this would be our stackable, overlapping infinity promise ring. It showcases a lustrous shank partially embedded with lab created diamonds. Nestled within its heart is an infinity knot that lets the diamonds pass right through it. Rings, such as this, are a beautiful choice to make your promise of a love that transcends time.


Flawlessly crafted diamond rings, that feature this style, entice your vision almost instantly. They captivate with their sophistication and the sheer brilliance of lab grown diamonds, as seen in our solitaire promise ring with the knot design. It showcases lab grown diamond accents that partially adorn the silhouette of the knot motif, and make the glorious solitaire in the center look even more resplendent. Not just this, but every ring present here is sure to make your promise of love a priceless memory.

In addition to the styles mentioned above, Pure Ignis also offers halo and two stone promise rings. We adorn them with 100% conflict-free diamonds that make our jewelry even more special. These eco-friendly gems are created in sophisticated laboratories, which ensure there is no natural or human exploitation involved. Choose a gorgeous promise ring from Pure Ignis, and become a part of our endeavor to create a sustainable tomorrow.