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About Lab Grown Diamond Promise Rings

The demand for promise rings has seen a significant rise in recent times, and for a very good reason. Its allure can be attributed to the meaning it represents making it extremely popular among couples. For some, a promise ring is a way to show commitment and devotion, while many others may wear it as a symbol of an impending engagement. One way or the other, it’s a significant ‘promise’ you make to your loved one.

At Pure Ignis, we offer promise rings in a variety of mesmerizing styles. Here’s a look at some of them.


If you have an affinity for contemporary yet meaningful designs, then these rings will give you the best of both. Take for instance our exquisitely crafted open heart promise ring. Its beautiful frame is adorned with diamonds accents, while a glorious diamond solitaire sits in the center and sparkles endlessly. The seamless blend of a chic design with the beauty of lab created diamonds makes this and all our fashion promise rings a celebration of your love and commitment.


The charm of an infinity motif is truly timeless, and when it is adorned with the resplendence of lab grown diamonds, the result is undeniably stunning; as seen in this collection. A wonderful example of this would be our stackable, overlapping infinity promise ring. It showcases a lustrous shank partially embedded with lab created diamonds. Nestled within its heart is an infinity knot that lets the diamonds pass right through it. Rings, such as this, are a beautiful choice to make your promise of a love that transcends time.


Flawlessly crafted diamond rings, that feature this style, entice your vision almost instantly. They captivate with their sophistication and the sheer brilliance of lab grown diamonds, as seen in our solitaire promise ring with the knot design. It showcases lab grown diamond accents that partially adorn the silhouette of the knot motif, and make the glorious solitaire in the center look even more resplendent. Not just this, but every ring present here is sure to make your promise of love a priceless memory.

In addition to the styles mentioned above, Pure Ignis also offers halo and two stone promise rings. We adorn them with 100% conflict-free diamonds that make our jewelry even more special. These eco-friendly gems are created in sophisticated laboratories, which ensure there is no natural or human exploitation involved. Choose a gorgeous promise ring from Pure Ignis, and become a part of our endeavor to create a sustainable tomorrow.