Essential Guide to Pendant Styles

There’s no denying that jewelry is an extension of your personality and one of the chicest options to elevate your look is by wearing a striking pendant. It is an unmissable accessory that draws attention at once and extends a unique edge to your ensemble. Here are 5 stunning pendant styles that every woman would want to own, take a look:


Bar Pendants

Sleek and stylish, bar pendants make a unique style statement and are a must-have in a jewelry-box. The diamonds studded on them add just the right amount of bling with sheer sophistication and modish allure. Celebs and fashionistas swear by this pendant style and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t own one too!

Geometric Pendants

Another contemporary style that is popular with the millennials is the geometric pendant. The clear lines, defined contours and perfect symmetry of a geometric design aptly resonate with the spirit of self-made women, their intellect, adventurous and self-driven personality. Square, triangular, hexagonal or chevron lab grown diamond pendants, you’ll find them all at Pure Ignis.

Classic Pendants

Style a classic lab diamond pendant with any outfit, for any occasion and you can’t go wrong. Whether it’s a solitaire, a two-stone or a three stone pendant, the simple yet timeless design makes it a favorite among every woman. Lab grown diamond pendants with scintillating halos are other dazzling options that may allure you.

Good Luck Pendants

Keep the evil eye at bay, wear a symbol of good luck around your neck or display your faith and devotion with your favorite accessory. A Hamsa is believed to be a powerful talisman and protects the wearer from evil eye and misfortune. The one-eye motif is yet another symbolic pendant to ward off the evil eye and its malevolent effects. A circular or a circle of life pendant will remind you the infinite nature of life and the universe. The cross pendants are not only significant of your love for God but also make a stylish jewelry statement.

Infinity Pendants

The popular symbol of infinity that looks like the number 8 is simply fascinating and evokes a beautiful, symbolic meaning. You can wear an infinity style pendant to represent endless love and commitment or just as a fashionable statement. This alluring icon when beautifully combined with the everlasting strength of lab diamonds, makes a meaningful piece of jewelry. Infinity pendants at Pure Ignis come in horizontal and vertical styles.

Whether you are looking for a distinctive neckwear or simply want to expand your collection, these lab grown diamond pendant styles will help you determine your unique taste and then buy the perfect piece, in the metal of your choice. So which one echoes your true style and preference?

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