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Facts on Lab Diamond


Grown in a controlled laboratory environment, lab diamonds are eco friendly. They do not require the use of equipment, electricity or water in the same amounts as natural diamond mining operations. Lab grown diamonds also exhibit the same fire and sparkle as natural diamonds, making them a great alternative. Choose a piece from our collection of lab grown diamond rings to do your bit for the planet and to pave the way for a better tomorrow.

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About Lab Grown Diamond Rings

An iconic symbol of glamour and elegance, diamond rings fascinate with their astounding beauty. They’re perfect as a token of love and as an exquisite statement of timeless style. These delightful sparklers are perfectly suitable for a lifestyle of grace and luxury. With their endless sparkle and unmatched brilliance, rings adorned with diamonds exude an allure that is hard to resist. They are apt for any occasion, any style and any personality.

Lab grown, lab created diamonds or engineered diamonds are cultivated in sophisticated laboratories under extreme temperature and pressure conditions that replicate the growth process of a natural diamond within the earth’s crust. This ensures they are 100% conflict-free, while being physically, optically and chemically identical to earth-mined diamonds. At Pure Ignis, you’ll discover a fascinating assortment of lab created diamond rings that are beautiful, classic and versatile. Each piece has been crafted exquisitely to reflect luxury and perfection. Our collection of rings features appealing classic, halo, promise and solitaire styles.


The rings in the classic collection embody a sense of timeless elegance and grandeur. Glimmering lab grown diamonds are set in unique patterns that never seem to go out of style. Choose from extravagant three stone designs as well as eye-catching floral-themed patterns. A piece from this selection is apt for the woman who’d like to capture the flawless brilliance of lab grown diamonds in an enduring design.


Halo rings feature a twinkling center diamond that is surrounded by smaller accent diamonds. In addition to making the ring appear larger, the halo also enhances the brilliance of the design. At Pure Ignis, there are effortless halo rings a well as those in which the center lab diamond is encircled by a floral halo. For enhanced glamour, you can opt for a halo ring with glistening diamond accents on the shank.


Our promise rings make extraordinary symbols of love and commitment. There are bypass rings, infinity rings and open heart rings that beautifully capture your never ending love and commitment. Adorned with fascinating and flawless lab grown diamonds, a piece from our assortment of promise rings is all you need to express the purity of your love and emotions in a unique way.


Displaying a single yet breathtakingly beautiful lab grown diamond, solitaire rings are eternally popular. Settings of these rings range from prong, bezel and semi-bezel. There are pieces in which the solitaire diamond shines on its own or are enhanced by diamond accents. Our selection of lab grown diamond solitaire rings includes an array of alluring and stunning choices.

What makes the designs stand out are the dazzling diamonds that are engineered using advanced processes. They are beautiful, ethical and eco-friendly, while being chemically, optically and physically identical to mined diamonds. Take a look at the pieces in our collection to find the lab grown diamond ring that speaks to you.