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Facts on Lab Diamond


Lab diamonds possess the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as natural diamonds, making them absolutely real. They are grown in controlled laboratory environments using advanced technological processes that replicate the conditions in which diamonds naturally develop within the earth’s crust. Studs embellished with lab grown diamonds exude extraordinary beauty and sparkle.

About Lab Grown Diamond Studs

Diamond studs radiate a classy appeal, which makes them a go-to accessory for anyone who desires to elevate their look effortlessly. Perfect for both day wear as well as formal dinner parties, diamond stud earrings infuse a touch of sophistication to almost any outfit.

The collection of diamond studs at Pure Ignis radiates a sparkle that is different from the others. This is because we adorn our jewelry with only lab grown diamonds. Sophisticated laboratories with controlled environmental parameters help us create these 100% conflict-free diamonds that do not contribute to natural or human exploitation in any manner. This eminent feature helps them gain precedence over the natural version that is often extracted unethically. Through the usage of lab grown or lab created diamonds, Pure Ignis continues to fulfill its dream of creating exquisite diamond jewelry, while contributing to a sustainable tomorrow.

Diamond stud earrings are available in a variety of designs; however some styles have remained timeless, this includes vintage and floral.


Our selection of classic stud earrings dazzles with the brilliance of lab grown diamonds, and is perfect for women who love to flaunt an effortless, feminine charm. Their demure snug fit at the earlobe exudes a luxurious elegance, making them a highly cherished piece of jewelry. This beautiful collection of classic diamond studs is available in white, yellow and rose gold.


The eye-catching design of a pair of diamond halo studs is a great way to turn heads. Subtle yet gleaming with a remarkable shine, these studs feature a beautiful diamond in the center, which is encircled by many more sparkling rocks. Together, they glimmer like a cluster of stars and make for an exceptional pair for jewelry.


Cut and faceted to perfection, solitaire studs are simply a must-have jewelry staple. They perfectly hold large carat sizes of lab grown diamonds and compliment just about any kind of attire. Crafted in gold, these solitaire studs radiate an unmistakable sophistication.

Diamond stud earrings have been adorned by both men and women since the beginning of time. We at Pure Ignis have elevated the charm of this classy piece of jewelry with our 100% conflict free diamonds. Our collection of gorgeous diamond studs and other pieces of jewelry is a testimony of our commitment to a more sustainable and greener tomorrow.