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  • $1,789
    Encircled with many diamonds around the center diamonds, this pair is set in 14k gold with a hint of luxury. Featuring a vintageinspired design, these lab grown diamond halo stud earrings glimmer like clusters of stars.
  • $329
    These lab grown diamond stud earrings crafted in 14k gold, scintillate like the stars in a moonless sky. The round white diamonds are cut and faceted to perfection and secured in sturdy prongs. The basket style mountings add a hint of style to this requisite pair of sparkling studs.
  • $419
    A charming design paired with the undeniable beauty of lab grown diamonds is sure to win hearts, and these flawlessly crafted earrings do just that! Two resplendent lab grown diamonds are prong set, one top of the other, to create a visually alluring piece of jewelry. The eco-friendly gems effortlessly entice your gaze, while the 14k white gold creates the perfect backdrop for this classic design. Versatile and timeless, these double diamond stud earrings are a wonderful choice for someone who prefers understated elegance.
  • $399
    Ingenuity of design is just one of the elements that make this pair of diamond stud earrings a valuable and mesmerizing piece of jewelry. Crafted in 14k white gold, the alluring pattern showcases an open circle frame that is embellished with pure and brilliant lab grown diamonds. It also features a glorious diamond solitaire with a unique prong setting that makes it appear like its floating within the frame. The conflict-free gems uplift the appeal of this exceptionally designed pair of earrings to a whole new level.
  • $299
    The horseshoe has always been considered an auspicious symbol and a charm believed to bring good luck. These gorgeous studs elevate the appeal of this popular pattern by adorning it with dazzling lab grown diamonds. The entire frame of these horseshoe earrings showcases pave set, eco-friendly diamonds that cluster together and shine like a thousand stars in the night sky. They also features screw backs for a comfortable fit. Crafted in 14k white gold, these lucky horseshoe stud earrings radiate elegance and versatility making them perfect for everyday wear.
  • $279
    Two lab grown round diamonds are held in a stylish threeprong setting resembling martini glasses. They look dainty and draw attention to their remarkable sparkle and design. These martini set diamond stud earrings are crafted in 14k gold.
  • $319
    This beautiful pair of diamond earrings has been crafted to give you the best of both worlds; the purity of lab grown diamonds and the appeal of a stylish design. The u-pave setting lends its distinctive charm to the resplendent and eco-friendly diamonds that adorn the expertly sculpted wave frame. These diamond earrings have been set in 14k white gold that complements the brilliance of lab grown diamonds with its sophisticated sheen. Versatile and extremely stylish, these earrings will be a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection.
  • $809
    Crafted in a timeless style are trios of lab grown white diamonds. They exude spellbinding brilliance and together look elegant in this arrangement. Designed in 14k gold, these three stone stud earrings lend a dressy touch to the wearer.
  • $219
    All the elements of this classy pair of stud earrings showcase refined craftsmanship and exceptional quality. The luminous lab grown diamonds, pave set within the bar frames, are undeniably the most captivating part of this fine piece of jewelry. The radiant 14k white gold metal complements the beauty of the gems, while milgrain detailing on the silhouette completes this picture of sheer elegance. A versatile creation, this pair of diamond bar earrings will find a way to your heart with much ease.
  • $519
    The pure white luminescence of these lab grown diamond stud earrings captures the senses at a glance. Mounted in a 14k gold bezel set frame, the round glistening diamonds strike a spectacular combination with the metal.
  • $309
    The white round diamonds are adorned in a classic floral design, exuding feminine charm. Six round diamonds surround each center stone like petals and sparkle splendidly. These lab grown diamond flower earrings are crafted in 14k gold.
  • $369
    The exuberance displayed by a classic piece of jewelry, like this expertly crafted diamond stud earrings, makes it a coveted possession. The incandescent halo, encrusted with vibrant lab grown diamonds, dazzles like beautiful stars in the night sky, while the 14k white gold metal complements their charm with its distinct radiance. In the heart of this fine piece of jewelry sits a diamond solitaire that is surrounded with even more diamonds in a floral pattern. An alluring blend of quality and grandeur makes this pair of flower stud earrings a product of refined artistry.

About Lab Grown Diamond Studs

Diamond studs radiate a classy appeal, which makes them a go-to accessory for anyone who desires to elevate their look effortlessly. Perfect for both day wear as well as formal dinner parties, diamond stud earrings infuse a touch of sophistication to almost any outfit.

The collection of diamond studs at Pure Ignis radiates a sparkle that is different from the others. This is because we adorn our jewelry with only lab grown diamonds. Sophisticated laboratories with controlled environmental parameters help us create these 100% conflict-free diamonds that do not contribute to natural or human exploitation in any manner. This eminent feature helps them gain precedence over the natural version that is often extracted unethically. Through the usage of lab grown or lab created diamonds, Pure Ignis continues to fulfill its dream of creating exquisite diamond jewelry, while contributing to a sustainable tomorrow.

Diamond stud earrings are available in a variety of designs; however some styles have remained timeless, this includes vintage and floral.


Our selection of classic stud earrings dazzles with the brilliance of lab grown diamonds, and is perfect for women who love to flaunt an effortless, feminine charm. Their demure snug fit at the earlobe exudes a luxurious elegance, making them a highly cherished piece of jewelry. This beautiful collection of classic diamond studs is available in white, yellow and rose gold.


The eye-catching design of a pair of diamond halo studs is a great way to turn heads. Subtle yet gleaming with a remarkable shine, these studs feature a beautiful diamond in the center, which is encircled by many more sparkling rocks. Together, they glimmer like a cluster of stars and make for an exceptional pair for jewelry.


Cut and faceted to perfection, solitaire studs are simply a must-have jewelry staple. They perfectly hold large carat sizes of lab grown diamonds and compliment just about any kind of attire. Crafted in gold, these solitaire studs radiate an unmistakable sophistication.

Diamond stud earrings have been adorned by both men and women since the beginning of time. We at Pure Ignis have elevated the charm of this classy piece of jewelry with our 100% conflict free diamonds. Our collection of gorgeous diamond studs and other pieces of jewelry is a testimony of our commitment to a more sustainable and greener tomorrow.