5 Ethical Wedding Bands for the Eco-Conscious Bride-To-Be

According to a recent research study around 49% millennials belonging to the United States will most likely take sustainability issues into consideration before buying a luxury product.

The reason for this choice is simple – awareness. A growing number of people have understood the harsh reality of large-scale diamond mining. Environmental damage and loss of human lives are facts that many are not willing to ignore anymore. So there is an obvious upward trend in the demand for lab-grown diamonds, and this has caught the attention of modern brides as well.

If you too are an eco-conscious woman who’s about to get hitched soon, then here are 5 wedding bands that are ethical, eco-friendly and absolutely beautiful! Take a look…

5 Ethical Wedding Bands for the Eco-Conscious Bride-To-Be

  • Clover Link Wedding Band

    This pretty wedding band goes straight from the eyes to the heart, and all the credit goes to its elegant design. The clover-shaped frames are flawlessly carved and make perfect homes for the brilliant lab diamonds. They are linked with more glittering diamonds, and milgrain detailing infuses a pretty vintage charm to the overall pattern.

    We highly recommend you choose this in rose gold for its warmth and ability to create a striking contrast with the translucency of diamonds.


  • Moonlet Design Half-Eternity Band

    We love this one because it offers you comfort for everyday wear, while retaining the significance of the eternity pattern. The bezel setting shields the precious lab-grown diamonds from bumps and hits that can occur during regular usage.

    Its contemporary design is perfect for someone who prefers a good blend of simplicity, thoughtfulness and functionality.


  • Infinity Wedding Band

    Everyone desires a love that transcends time, and this hope for an everlasting bond is showcased effortlessly with the help of the infinity symbol. This band brings it together with the purity of lab-grown diamonds for a truly spectacular creation.

    Every element here works in perfect harmony with one another; from the perfect curves of the infinity to the flawless gleam of the 14k yellow gold. So if you want your wedding ring to be an absolute showstopper, while being ethical at the same time then this may just be what you need!


  • Twin Row Half Eternity Wedding Band

    Two is always better than one, right? We think so too. This band fulfills your desire for twice the brilliance on your wedding day with twin rows of beautiful lab diamonds. The clean and streamlined look of this band exudes sophistication, and the half-eternity pattern infuses it with romance.

    We think the uncluttered vibe of this ring makes it a great choice for contemporary women who love to run the show!


  • Marquise & Square Wedding Band

    The regal aura of this wedding band is what makes it stand out from the rest. Much of this can be attributed to the alternating marquise and square frames embellished with resplendent lab-diamonds. Together they radiate a royal look, while the gorgeous milgrain detailing around the silhouette adds the final finishing touch to this work of art.

    You must definitely consider this flawless band if you have an affinity for modern patterns with a hint of vintage elements.


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