5 Secrets to Stacking Rings like an Expert

Stacking rings is a no-brainer, right? Wrong. Just the way looking effortlessly stylish requires some skills, so does flaunting this extremely popular jewelry trend. If you’re all set to give it a try, then here are 5 easy tips that’ll help you get it right.

5 Secrets to Stacking Rings

1. Mix, Match, Create

Celebs who’ve flaunted stacked rings on the red carpet don’t stick to one single color of metal, and that’s an excellent tip we can use. Variation in hue helps create a dramatic look especially when you use it on a single finger. So go ahead and stack white gold with yellow gold or rose gold.

2. Use a Solitaire

A solitaire ring is a treat for the eyes, but if you really want to turn heads then try stacking it along with some sleek bands. For the most impressive effect, wear two dainty ones and keep the solitaire ring in the center. This is a sure-shot trick to instant glamour.

3. Blend Vintage with Contemporary

Another expert tip to crack this trend would be to wear a vintage-style band with something that’s outright contemporary. Remember, patterns offer a beautiful way to represent your personal sense of style. They also let you create a look that belongs entirely to you. So don’t be shy to experiment and bring together two designs from two completely different eras.

4. Stack-Up on Both Hands

While the above points focus on stacking rings together on a single finger, you can also wear them on both hands (and multiple fingers) for an ultra-chic look. Aim at keeping your stacks small (not more than two) and spread it across on three or four fingers.

For a bolder look, work with larger stacks and throw in a few statement rings.

5. Use Your Existing Rings

You don’t have to spend a bomb to rock this jewelry trend. Go through your existing collection and pick some of your favorite rings. Next, put together two or more pieces that sit comfortably on your finger. Third, wear an outfit that complements this look; our personal favorite is a white button-down shirt and well-fitting jeans. Don’t forget to finish this off with a smile!

Keep in mind that the more number of rings you wear, the more ‘blingy’ you’ll look. If wish to keep it classy then pick minimalist bands. If not, then bold and funky designs are your best bet. And last but not the least; keep comfort in mind while picking the rings. Now go and stack up!

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