5 Inspiring Women Who Made History

Women have been the game-changers for a lot of events in the history of the world. They have been consistent in their endeavor to make the world a better place to live in. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, we bring to you five personalities whose contribution to the world is immeasurable…

5 Inspiring Women Who Made History
  1. Marie Curie

    First ever female recipient of two Nobel Prizes, Marie Curie will remain an inspiration for every generation of women. Despite financial and social odds, she went on to make phenomenal inventions in the fields of radioactivity and chemistry. Her research has immensely contributed to the fight against cancer.

  2. Simone de Beauvoir

    A staunch feminist, Simone de Beauvoir is widely known for her essay ‘The Second Sex’. She fiercely promoted the notion that an individual should be able to make choices irrespective of his/her sexuality. Her writings brought about radical changes in Feminist Literature.

  3. Amelia Earhart

    She was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic solo and change the way the society looked at women in the early 1900s. In her final letter to her husband Earhart wrote “…Women must try to do things as men have tried. When they fail, their failure must be but a challenge to others”. This captures her fearless spirit perfectly.

  4. Margaret Thatcher

    The first ever female Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Margaret Thatcher is praised for her path-breaking political decisions in the 1980s. Her legacy remains at the center of British politics. It will continue to motivate women who are forced by the society to believe that politics is not for them.

  5. Oprah Winfrey

    One of the most influential women of the United States, Oprah Winfrey has admirers across the globe. She is lauded for her achievements in the entertainment business and several philanthropic activities. She remains to be an icon for many women.

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