5 Jewelry Essentials for the Contemporary Woman

Whether it’s juggling a personal life and career or just her many moods, women today have a lot on their plate. And jewelry is one item that stays with you through it all, adding just the right amount of sparkle. While there is an endless assortment of bling available, we’ve listed five which are an absolute must-have for women with a contemporary sense of style. Take a look…


  • Your lucky pendantA piece of jewelry like this offers two things – an eye-catching design that looks unique and a stroke of good luck! Whether you opt for the Hamsa hand, a horseshoe or the evil eye, they all are believed to work towards the same goal; to shield you from negative energies and bring in some positivity. The presence of beautiful lab diamonds makes such a pendant even more precious. We reckon a good luck pendant is always an excellent investment.lab-grown-diamond-hamsa-hand-necklace-psp1107d
  • Hoops for a playful lookEvery woman needs at least one pair of earrings that is fun and flirty, and we strongly think hoops do the job pretty well. But instead of going for the regular ones, wear something that’ll dazzle with the purity of lab-grown diamonds. With a pair like the one shown below, you will end up looking super stylish and also doing your bit for the environment. What’s not to love about that?lab-grown-diamond-latch-hoop-earrings-pse1107d
  • A ring that speaks your mindSome wear their heart on their sleeves; but you can also wear it on your finger. Bold pieces of jewelry look even better when they radiate your beliefs, and that’s exactly what a ring with a message does. The cursive pattern grabs attention instantly, but it’s the brilliance of the lab-diamonds that really lights up this contemporary piece.prong-set-lab-grown-diamond-cursive-love-ring-psr1097d
  • Studs that are versatileWomen love studs, and you can’t really have too many of them, right? But instead of buying random pieces, get at least one pair that is versatile, fashionable and worth staying with you for a long time. The pair of studs shown here fits the bill perfectly! While the abstract pattern will complement your contemporary style, the lab diamonds make sure this piece dazzles whether you wear it in the day or night.lab-grown-diamond-squiggle-stud-earrings-pse1110d
  • A chic tennis braceletThis one doesn’t really need an introduction. Even if you’re not aware of its glamorous past, the design of a tennis bracelet is classy enough to make women all over the world swoon over it. It’s available in different patterns, with diamonds set in a symmetrical and continuous link along the entire length of the metal being the most traditional one. But we suggest you go for a design which features neat swirl blocks to add an edgy appeal to your look. Irrespective of what you choose, a tennis bracelet is definitely one piece that pops and is a must-have for all fashion-forward ladies.lab-grown-diamond-tennis-bracelet-with-swirl-block-psb1073d

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