Unique Ideas to Surprise your Mom on Mother’s Day

Your mom’s your hero, first love and forever best friend. There’s no better day than May 13th to make her feel special and show your love in a unique way. Take a day out from your busy schedule and celebrate this Mother’s Day with your mum. Here are some wonderful ideas to surprise her:

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Gift an experience:

Wake her up to a sumptuous breakfast in bed – blueberry pancakes dripping with maple syrup, cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven, poached eggs with hash browns and sausage and a glass of refreshing kiwi cooler or a fizzy strawberry mint drink. They are easy to prepare and perfect to satiate your mum’s taste-buds. In the evening, treat her to a swanky dinner at her favorite restaurant. This will give her a break from the kitchen chores plus she’ll get all the time to spend with you.

Does your mom have an exquisite back garden or a kitchen garden? Here’s a fun way to add more to her gardening hobby. Take her to a workshop where she can learn new ways to grow organic herbs and useful gardening techniques. Alternately, a visit to a bonsai nursery will allow her to master the skill of growing and designing bonsai.

For artsy moms, a place like an art and craft academy will be just perfect. There she can pick up lessons on knitting, pottery or making handicrafts. You can also couple it with a trip to an art gallery or an exhibition.

Gifts that you can give:

Think bigger than gifting a box of chocolates, and if they have to be chocolates, give her liqueur-filled chocolates paired with her favorite bottle of wine. Don’t forget the flowers. Spring is the best time to express your sentiments with flowers. It’s a girl thing and will instantly put a smile on your mum’s face. Colorful tulips, lilies or primrose – whatever she likes.

If you know her favorite scent, surprise her with a luxurious spa hamper. Include perfumed soaps, bath salts, candles, body lotion and body mist, all stacked in a cute wicker basket. Finish off with ribbon decorations and a DIY typography-led card with a sweet message. She’ll be more than impressed by your efforts and feel like a queen.

Instead of the clichéd Mother’s Day greeting cards from the store, why not give her a throw pillow – customized with a thoughtful message and a beautiful design? It will remind her of this special day and your sentiments behind this adorable present. Coordinate the color of the pillow with the walls or upholstery to make sure it stands out in the entire room!

Did diamonds as presents for Mother’s Day cross your mind? If yes, then how about lab-grown diamond jewelry? They are eco-friendly yet alluring. The physical aspects as well as the brilliance of lab diamonds are identical to natural diamonds. Lab-grown diamond jewelry is an offbeat gifting choice for the unconventional millennial mama. Visit Pure Ignis and you’ll be awe-inspired by the elegant designs in white gold, yellow gold and rose gold. Ring, pendant or earrings – we’ll get them shipped right in time for this special day.

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