Perfect Earring Styles for Different Occasions

Dressing up in itself is a daunting task and it turns downright painful when you have the outfit, shoes and bag picked out, but cannot decide on the jewelry. At such times we all wonder if there could be an accessory that would suit all occasions and outfits. Even if it sounds far-fetched, such a piece of ornament actually does exist and goes by the name of ‘earrings’. These beautiful creations are the most versatile of all jewelry essentials. They add the much-needed sparkle and elegance to your appearance and look good on everyone. But, it is also important to choose an earring style that complements the occasion.

Worry not ladies, in today’s article we will help you identify the perfect pair of earrings for every event. So the next time you step out of the house, you will look your glamorous best and receive more than a few compliments. Here, read on…


Formal Events: When going for formal events like a wedding, we all prefer to have a non-cluttered and sophisticated look. A pair of hoop earrings or halo earrings is sure to blend in and add the necessary amount of sparkle. Your daily work accessories, on the other hand, need to be simple and classy. A basic pair of studs does the work for you without compromising on the bling factor. If you want to make a personal style statement then opt for studs in geometrical shapes like triangle, kite, etc.

Date Night: You are always more careful when getting ready for a dinner date with that special someone. This occasion is all about looking beautiful, stylish and graceful. Statement earrings are surely what such an event demands and nothing fits the bill better than drop earrings. They look classy and lend that much-needed elegance to your look. Pair them up with a stunning monochrome dress and minimal make-up and you are good to go.

Outings with your BFFs: Be it a day out with the girls or a comfortable night-in, you would love to be yourself and keep things simple. For such times, studs seem to be an appropriate accessory to choose. Stud earrings in different shapes like heart, horseshoe and even a moon will help you look effortlessly stylish. If you want to add a dash of playful charm to your look, then cluster or hoop earrings are a clever choice to make.

Parties: This is the time to let your inner diva out. The aim is to look gorgeous and grab the spotlight without overdoing anything. The basic mantra for these times is to keep your earrings tasteful and elegant. Flower cluster and dangle earrings seem to be what the occasion calls for. At the same time, bar earrings or studs in uneven shapes are also apt for adding a feminine touch to your outfit. If you want to make a bold fashion statement, then ear jackets are just what you need. They are stunning, chic and definitely lend a hint of drama to your look.

We are sure the next time you deck up for an event, you won’t be stressed about which earrings to wear. And remember to stock up your jewelry box with striking earrings in different styles so you have abundant options to choose from. At Pure Ignis, we have a collection of beautiful lab-grown diamond earrings so you can splurge on yourself while doing your bit for the environment.

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