6 Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying an Engagement Ring

Popular opinion is that buying an engagement ring is no piece of cake. From selecting the stone, the metal type to the ring style, it can be truly confusing. This process can, however, be simplified by taking into consideration some important aspects. Here’s a list of all the questions you need to ask yourself before picking an engagement ring.


1. What is my budget?


Allocating a budget is the first important step before buying an engagement ring. This helps you design a savings plan and finalize the ring accordingly. Additionally, planning the purchase around the sale days of the year will help you save big.

2. How do I know her ring size?

Determining the right size is crucial. The ring should comfortably sit on her finger without being too loose or too small. The best way to ensure accuracy is by sneaking one of her rings to find the exact measurement. With the help of a ring size guide, it is as simple as it gets.

3. How to figure out her favorite ring setting?

This can be a bit tricky, as your partner may want a unique setting for the engagement ring. However, a thorough survey of her jewelry collection will give you an insight into her preferred ring setting. You can also ask her friends and family members for help.

4. Should I include my partner in the ring shopping?


5. What is the source of the diamond?

More and more people are opting for lab-grown diamonds as a measure to stop environmental exploitation. These diamonds radiate the same brilliance as earth-mined diamonds and are affordable too. By choosing an engagement ring designed with lab-grown diamonds, you take a step towards protecting our planet. Pure Ignis offers lab-diamonds jewelry that is 100% conflict-free and eco-friendly.

6. Which metal is best suited for an engagement ring?

While diamonds look breathtaking in every metal, designing it in your partner’s favorite one will only make her happier. However, if she does not have any specifications you can go for platinum, which is not only popular but hypoallergenic too. Rose gold is unsuitable for people allergic to copper, while yellow gold lends a more traditional touch to engagement rings.

So, make the purchase and get ready to pop the question!

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