Easy Tricks for Spring Cleaning Your Jewelry Box

Sorting, organizing, sanitizing doesn’t sound like a fun chore to many of us. But there’s one element that can add excitement to the process of spring cleaning – shopping!

When the old and unwanted go out, there’s space to bring in the new. Along with this added benefit, your jewelry box also ends up being more functional. So don’t wait, get started with these three simple tricks.

How to Clean Your Jewelry Box

1) Keep the Precious, Trade the Boring

There’s a possibility that many pieces in your jewelry box haven’t been touched for years. Instead of hoarding, you can sell them off and make way for something new. This is obviously not applicable for pieces with sentimental value. But those that look and feel outdated can definitely be traded off for fresh jewelry designs.

2) Create a Repair Section

Is your pretty wrist watch lying somewhere unused because the battery needs to be changed? Or maybe the hook of that floral drop earring has come off. If you have good jewelry that needs fixing, keep them aside in a ‘repair section’. Look for your insurance cover if pieces with precious gems need fine tuning. If it’s regular jewelry, you can get the job done by a local professional. The best part about revamping (read fixing) such pieces is that suddenly you end up with a considerably new collection!

3) Make Your Jewelry Accessible

There are many benefits of organizing; one of them is that when you need a certain piece of jewelry you’ll actually be able to find it! A messy storage box simply results in waste of time –either in untangling the chains or searching for earring backings. To make things simpler, keep the following points in mind:

  • Since spring is all about rebirth and a fresh start, we recommend you get a bigger and more spacious jewelry box. If you’re already using one, empty it and get it thoroughly cleaned.
  • Compartmentalize your jewelry as per your needs; such as frequently worn, special occasions or office wear. You can also segregate them according to the category i.e., rings, pendants, earrings, etc. If you end with jewelry that you don’t wish to keep, hand them over to family, friends or donate to a charity.
  • Pieces that tangle easily, such as delicate chains, should ideally be individually stored in either tissue paper or press-and-seal plastic wrap.
  • Instead of stocking everything in one box, consider buying one or two extra storage pieces, such as a wall organizer or a display tray.

We hope this article helps make spring cleaning your jewelry box much more manageable. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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