Sustainable Living: 5 Ways to Achieve It

If you’re reading this article, you’re already on the path to make a positive impact. Because when it comes to sustainable living, no act is too small and no effort will be futile.

Here are our top five solutions to create a more eco-friendly environment.

Sustainable Living

1) Plastic: The Destroyer

Many of us can’t fathom how such a seemingly harmless material is capable of pushing numerous species of earth to the brink of extinction. Let’s face it; the more you take plastic pollution lightly, the bigger its power becomes – to destroy the ocean, fishes, birds and ultimately, humans.

Make the Switch: Once you start looking out for alternatives to plastic, you’ll find many to choose from. Reusable travel mugs, mesh grocery bags, steel straws, bamboo cutlery; there are multiple plastic-free options that can become a permanent part of your lifestyle.

2) Water Conservation

Did you know? In 2018, South Africa’s Cape Town was close to becoming the first major city in the world to potentially run out of water. Truth is that several locations around the world have already faced devastating water crisis, and it’s likely to only get worse in the near future.

Do your bit: The unnerving climate change cannot go unnoticed anymore, and some of its many repercussions include less rainfall, harsh heat waves and a steadily declining rate of water. It’s therefore critical that we be mindful of how we spend it. Cutting short long showers and turning the tap off when washing dishes are just some of the many ways you can help preserve water. We all know how to save it, and now is the time to put our knowledge to action.

3) Reduce Food Wastage

It is estimated that every year approximately nine million people die due to starvation and hunger-related diseases. That’s more than the lives taken by malaria, tuberculosis and AIDS combined. If this shocks you, remember you can do something about it.

Shop Realistically: Notice your eating habits, and avoid stocking up on extra food. If you do end up with leftovers, eat it at your earliest or transform it into something new with the help of innovative recipes. You can also try to compost unwanted food and turn it into fuel for soil.

4) Let it Grow

The year 2019 can very well be the year of change. A growing number of millennials are attuned to cultural and environmental movements that are affecting lives of the people across the world. Be it climate change, rise of veganism or simply a fight to save the earth – there is more awareness now than ever before.

Spread the Awareness: Use social media to bring like-minded people together in your mission to create a sustainable planet. Share your thoughts, ideas, start a plantation drive…there’s so much that can be done with the support of people who think alike. So let your tribe grow.

5) Choose Ethical Brands

Last but not the least, embrace brands that say no to exploitation – be it towards animals, humans or the environment.

Read up: Before you make a purchase, make sure to read up about the company’s policies, goals and best-practices. Opt for products that do not directly or in-directly support exploitation in any form. A lab-grown diamond happens to be one such creation that was born out of the need to create a greener planet. Pure Ignis takes pride in offering designs that feature these 100% eco-friendly diamonds that radiate purity and brilliance.

In the end, the choice is always in your hands. Make the right one.

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