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  • $949
    Little swirls of 14k gold hold sparkling diamonds between them to form this stunning lab grown diamond tennis bracelet. The diamonds are intricately set between the s links to form an illusion of a chic block pattern.
  • $249
    The allure of this pendant lies in the artistically crafted open heart frame that showcases simplicity and elegance. Glimmering lab grown diamonds are prong set within the entire frame of this enticing piece of jewelry and infuse just the right amount of splendor. Crafted in 14k white gold, it also features small metal hoops that link together to form the chain of the bracelet. The elegance and charm radiated by this flawlessly designed heart bracelet makes it a sheer indulgence for those who love classy and stylish jewelry.
  • $379
    The elegance and charm radiated by a finely crafted piece of jewelry, like this bracelet, makes it a must-have. The beautiful hexagon frames, stationed at five points on the bracelet, hold within them incandescent lab grown diamonds. These pave set rocks sparkle endlessly, while the 14k white gold metal complements their beauty with its innate sophistication. Milgrain detailing surrounding each of the hexagon frames adds a subtle hint of vintage appeal. An alluring design teamed with the purity of lab grown diamonds makes this bracelet perfect for those with a refined sense of style.
  • $369
    This attractive diamond bracelet blends simplicity of design with the purity of lab grown diamonds. It displays incandescent, pave set diamonds nestled beautifully within the frame of a contemporary horizontal bar. These eco-friendly gems radiate a mesmerizing gleam, while the milgrain detailing surrounding the bar infuses a hint of an old-world charm. Set in 14k white gold, it also features metal bars stationed at different points for added visual appeal. The fashionable yet elegant allure of this lab grown diamond bar link bracelet makes it an absolute must-have.
  • $2,089
    An artistic way to express eternity, empowerment and forever love, this lab grown diamond bracelet for women makes a fabulous statement piece. Studded with engineered diamonds all around the 14k gold frame, this eternity bracelet is all about grace and grandeur.
  • $239
    Encircle your wrist with this dainty lab diamond infinity bracelet. Studded with lab grown diamonds over an infinity pattern, this 14k gold bracelet symbolizes love forever.
  • $2,619
    Symbolizing the powerful bond of love, this love knot bracelet is a chic way to express your feelings. Crafted in 14k gold, the bracelet is encrusted with lab grown diamonds on one side, and is partially adorned with diamond accents on the knot.
  • $289
    Flaunt your love for unique and charming pieces of jewelry with this circle and oval link bracelet. The artistically crafted open oval bar is adorned with prong set lab grown diamonds that fill up the entire frame with their luster. It also features two bezel set diamonds that are stationed on the chain, along with pretty open metal hoops. Crafted in 14k white gold, this elongated oval link bracelet is perfect for those who have an affinity for stylish diamond jewelry.
  • $1,529
    Big drops of sparkle gracefully settle down in this lab grown diamond bracelet. These glittering diamonds are beautifully complemented by a number of accent diamonds adorned on the links. Splendid and opulent, this 14k gold station bracelet with engineered diamonds makes a fabulous heirloom piece.
  • $939
    Create a stunning swirly effect with this lab grown diamond tennis bracelet. It is studded with engineered diamonds and each diamond is surrounded with metal swirls to create an illusion of a link chain. Simple, sophisticated and attractive, this swirl diamond bracelet makes a dainty choice for any fashionforward woman.
  • $289
    This chic diamond bracelet is a celebration of ingenuity of design and the brilliance of lab grown diamonds. It features a beautiful lab grown diamond solitaire that is gypsy set towards one end of a sophisticated and flawlessly executed horizontal bar. The incandescent, eco-friendly rock exudes a captivating sparkle against the radiance of the bar, which is crafted from 14k white gold.
  • $1,149
    This lab grown diamond bracelet recreating the Greek symbol of leminscate into a gorgeous piece of jewelry. It features 14k gold infinity knots linked by diamond studded bars. Designed with a catch clasp, this infinity bracelet is easy to wear and comfortable on the wrist.

About Bracelets

Elegantly designed bracelets instantly draw attention to your wrist and hands. Throughout history, they’ve been adorned by people of various statures. From Cleopatra and Kate Middleton, to the girl next door; bracelets have enjoyed an ever-growing popularity and this tradition continues to remain strong.

At Pure Ignis, our collection of bracelets is special. Not only are they alluring to look at, but they also feature lab grown diamonds. Unlike natural diamonds that are often extracted unethically, these engineered diamonds are 100% conflict-free. They’ve been created within sophisticated laboratories that have controlled environmental parameters. Through the usage of lab grown diamonds, we ensure that all our jewelry pieces do not support natural or human exploitation in any manner.

Our collection of lab grown diamond bracelets is available in an assortment of exquisite styles.


Infinity bracelets have always been extremely popular and for very good reason. The horizontal figure 8, by itself, is symbolic of permanence and completeness. When this significant icon is used in collaboration with glittering lab grown diamonds the result is a beautiful bracelet with a powerful message of never ending love, friendship or trust. Our collection features beautiful designs, and the inspirational linear link bracelet is a great example. Its links are bejeweled with lab grown diamonds, while the infinity symbol is carved from glistening gold. All our infinity bracelets radiate an incredible sparkle and are a wonderful gift for someone you love.


The demand for tennis bracelets sky rocketed when tennis legend Chris Evert’s in-line diamond bracelet broke open during the 1987 U.S. Tennis Championships. This stylish piece of wrist jewelry showcases a collection of sparkling diamonds that are set in symmetrical, continuous links along the complete length of the metal chain. Pure Ignis offers this timeless style in charming designs and utilizes lab created diamonds for a remarkable luster. These gorgeous tennis bracelets are a wonderful jewelry option for women, and they’re available in both white and yellow gold.


Our collection of fashion bracelets is a fabulous way to express your personal sense of style. Glistening, versatile and elegant and the same time, these bracelets featuring flawless, lab grown diamonds never fail to create an unforgettable first impression. Available in white and yellow gold, every piece in this gorgeous collection is hopelessly elegant and undeniably charming!

At Pure Ignis, we create dazzling, eco-conscious and meaningful diamond bracelets and other jewelry pieces that contribute to a sustainable tomorrow. Through the usage of only lab grown diamonds, we will always remain committed to the well-being of our planet.