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Facts on Lab Diamond


Mining of just 1.0 carat of natural diamonds results in extraction of over 1,000 tones of earth and utilization of over 126 gallons of water. On the other hand, lab grown diamonds make use of much lesser amounts of land and water. They are created inside laboratories without extensive mining operations or usage of valuable natural resources. By choosing a lab grown diamond necklace, you are reducing the damaging impact of mining on the environment.

About Lab Grown Diamond Pendant Necklaces

There's nothing quite as stunning as a flawless diamond that sparkles when adorned around the neck, which makes necklaces a celebrated piece of jewelry by women all over the world. Both pendants and necklaces are now available in an array of stunning designs. Whether you wish to make a fashion statement grand enough for the red carpet, or simply want to flaunt your understated elegance, this popular accessory will never disappoint. Our collection of necklaces for women radiates an incredible brilliance that comes from our lab grown diamonds. We embellish our jewelry with only engineered diamonds that are grown in sophisticated laboratories with controlled parameters that replicate the environment within the earth’s crust. This process results in 100% conflict-free diamonds that leave zero carbon foot print, and do not contribute to natural or human exploitation. Our diamond necklaces are available in a variety of styles that complement every mood and occasion.


Certain jewelry pieces radiate an innate quality of timelessness, and that’s precisely what you’ll find in our classic collection. These necklaces have significant meanings attached to them and are more than just fashion accessories. For instance, the past-present-future necklace is adorned with a large diamond in the center, which represents the present, while the two smaller diamonds on both the sides signify the past and the future. It’s symbolic of the present moment’s prominence over what was and what will be. The dazzling diamond cross pendant, on the other hand, offers a simplistic and elegant way to express your faith and belief.


Making a style statement is not just the domain of celebrities anymore. With a jewelry piece from this collection, you too are sure to effortlessly grab attention. Our floating diamond pendant featuring a solitaire dazzles splendidly within its drop-shaped frame. This fashionable piece of jewelry is perfect for both day wear and a night out of town. You could also choose our diamond studded infinity knot pendant, which holds a beautiful puffed heart in the center. A wonderful representation of everlasting love, this pendant is another excellent option to flaunt your personal sense of style and fashion.


This style is extremely popular and much admired as it features a stunning diamond in the center flanked by accent diamonds that take its charm to a new level. Together they create an alluring diamond halo pendant that radiates an extraordinary sparkle.


This pendant style exudes a luxurious appeal, and the flawless lab grown or lab created diamonds used in each of these designs radiate a shimmer that’s hard to miss. Be it a classic solitaire style, heart-shaped design or an infinity knot; these beautiful pendants will capture hearts with much ease.

Whether you prefer an elaborate halo design, an elegant cross necklace or a single rock mounted in a solitaire setting, our collection of diamond necklaces for women has them all. When you choose Pure Ignis jewelry, you also become a part of our effort towards creating a more sustainable and greener tomorrow.