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  • $349
    Some flawlessly crafted jewelry designs uplift your feminine charm almost effortlessly, and this hexagon necklace does exactly that. Its stylish frame, reminiscent of a honeycomb, entices your gaze towards the beauty and purity of the pave set lab grown diamonds. The 14k white gold metal envelops this lovely piece of jewelry with its innate sophistication, while the milgrain detailing on the silhouette infuses an old-world charm. Undeniably elegant, this diamond cluster necklace pendant is worthy of all the admiration it receives.
  • $539
    Several jewelry pieces, such as this diamond necklace, are not just visually appealing but are also rich in symbolism. The expertly crafted infinity knot seen here is a representation of everlasting love, friendship and trust. Its appeal is elevated instantly with the brilliance of lab grown diamonds that are pave set within the entire frame. This splendid infinity twist necklace is crafted from 14k white gold metal, which uplifts the overall charm with it distinctive luster.
  • $409
    Flaunt the perfect blend of style and versatility with this exceptionally alluring geometric square necklace. The highlight of this expertly crafted piece of jewelry are the lustrous lab grown diamonds that are held within the stylish open square frame. The milgrain detailing, seen on the outside and inside of the silhouette, lends the pendant a hint of vintage charm. A mesmerizing beauty in 14k white gold, this diamond square pendant is a statement of refined luxury and impeccable quality.
  • $439
    Radiate your penchant for a stylish and versatile piece of jewelry with this intricately crafted eternity circle necklace. The charm of the elegant, open circle frame is elevated by adorning the entire circumference with lustrous u-pave set lab grown diamonds. The 14k white gold metal infuses its distinctive sophistication into this pendant and uplifts the overall appeal. Purity of lab grown diamonds and a fashionable design together make this gorgeous piece of jewelry a must have!
  • $329
    This magnificent diamond bar necklace is a celebration of creative brilliance and the purity of lab grown diamonds. The mesmerizing design showcases opulent diamonds, pave set within a beautifully crafted horizontal bar. These luminous rocks radiate a captivating sparkle, while the milgrain detailing on the silhouette adds a luxurious appeal. This beautiful double row lab grown diamond bar necklace, set in 14k white gold, radiates a fashionable yet elegant charm making it an absolute must-have.
  • $1,289
    This diamond past, present and future necklace is embellished with three sparkling lab grown diamonds arranged in an elegant horizontal style. The diamonds are secured in prongs with the center stone larger than the other two stones. Symbolizing love forever, this beautiful three stone pendant crafted in 14k gold makes a dainty statement piece.
  • $399
    A wishbone has been popular as a symbol of good luck since ancient times. This gorgeous necklace redefines its appeal by infusing it with the purity of a lab grown diamond. The pendant's frame is flawlessly crafted and enveloped with the sophistication of 14k white gold. Both the ends of the pendant come together to hold between them a prong set lab grown diamond solitaire that dazzles like brightest star in the night sky. A product of refined mastery, this classic wishbone drop necklace showcases undeniable elegance.
  • $469
    This lab grown solitaire diamond pendant offers extra bling with the dainty accent sitting atop the large round cut diamond. The stones are mounted in a prong setting for a remarkable sparkle. They are secured to a stylish 14k gold V bale to evoke elegance.
  • $379
    Elegance is redefined by the simplistic, yet charming design of this elongated necklace. The artistically crafted open bar pendant is draped in the sophisticated gleam of 14k white gold metal. Stunning lab grown diamonds, prong set within the oval frame, infuse their brilliance and purity into this fine piece and make it a priceless possession. The finesse radiated by this necklace makes it a pure indulgence for those who have a penchant for stylish diamond jewelry.
  • $449
    An open heart frame with a floating diamond looks mesmerizingly elegant. It is finely crafted and hangs from the plain bale of this lab grown diamond pendant designed in 14k gold.
  • $649
    The mini hamsa hand pattern showcased in this flawlessly designed pendant is believed to be a symbol of good luck and a protector from the evil eye. Its appeal is uplifted with prong set lab grown diamonds that adorn the entire frame with their purity and sheer brilliance. A glorious lab grown diamond solitaire, bezel set in the heart of this alluring piece of jewelry, infuses more opulence into an already splendid design. Crafted in 14k white gold, this hamsa; hand of god necklace is sure to grab attention.
  • $439
    Sophistication and elegance is the highlight of this finely crafted classic pendant. The design showcases a glorious lab grown diamond solitaire, four prong set in the heart of this alluring piece of jewelry. The eco-friendly gem exudes a surreal brilliance and charms like the full moon in the night sky. A glistening v-bale further elevates its overall appeal. Crafted in 14k white gold, this undeniably beautiful diamond solitaire pendant is worthy of all the admiration it receives.
  • $459
    Flaunt a traditional good luck charm draped in opulence with this beautiful and expertly crafted pendant. Its evil eye frame, believed to protect from negative energies, is embellished with prong set lab grown diamonds that radiate a captivating sparkle. In the center sits a glorious, bezel set lab grown diamond solitaire that completes this picture of refined craftsmanship. This evil eye dangle pendant, set in 14k white gold, with its undeniably fascinating design is sure to be a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection.
  • $329
    The contemporary design of this beautifully crafted diamond bar pendant necklace makes it a wonderful choice for those who love minimalism, with just the right amount of opulence. The design of this classic piece of jewelry features a sleek horizontal bar that is draped in the radiance of 14k white gold. Prong set with the frame of the pendant are glimmering lab grown diamonds that display an alluring charm. An undeniably elegant pattern teamed with eco-friendly gems makes this necklace a prized possession.
  • $379
    When the grandeur of diamonds blends with a creative design, the result is a fabulous piece of jewelry that captivates with its visual allure. This lariat style necklace does exactly that! Set in 14k white gold, it showcases two sets of triangular frames that are embedded with glorious, pave set lab grown diamonds. A string of fine metal loops connects them to each other and creates an alluring elongated arrow pattern. The contemporary design of this diamond triangle necklace certainly deserves all the admiration it receives.
  • $1,089
    Entwined in a gorgeous infinity knot is a brilliant round diamond that glistens like a celestial star. The 14k gold knot ends with a single bale to allow the chain to pass through. This lab grown diamond pendant necklace symbolizes empowerment and infinite love.
  • $359
    For centuries, the horseshoe has been considered a symbol of good-luck, hope and prosperity. This elegant pendant elevates the appeal of this popular pattern by embellishing it with lustrous lab grown diamonds. These eco-friendly gems have been prong set along the entire frame to create a truly captivating appeal. The 14k white gold metal seamlessly complements their beauty and creates the perfect background for an enticing piece of jewelry. This diamond horseshoe pendant necklace is a sophisticated way to flaunt an iconic symbol.
  • $439
    This diamond pendant necklace is a sophisticated beauty in 14k gold. A brilliantlyfaceted lab grown diamond is mounted in a bezel setting. The rounded rim enhances the pure sparkle of the diamond.
  • $359
    Sophistication is redefined by this classic five stone necklace that displays the perfect blend of creative artistry and exceptional quality. It showcases bezel set lab grown diamonds, with a slightly larger center stone, that mesmerize you with their sheer luminance. The allure of this diamond necklace is further enhanced by the 14k white gold metal that envelops this fine piece of jewelry with its distinctive glow. A splendid creation, it is sure to win admiration and hearts.
  • $329
    The luminosity of lab grown diamonds can be elevated to new heights of visual allure when they are embedded in a stunning design, as seen in this sophisticated piece of jewelry. Crafted from 14k white gold gleaming white gold, the single row bar dazzles with the brilliance of pave set, lab grown diamond accents. Its edges showcase milgrain detailing, which infuses a distinctive characteristic to the design. Purity of lab grown diamonds teamed with a stylish design make this vertical bar necklace a sheer indulgence for those who have a refined taste.
  • $399
    A brilliant lab grown diamond cut and faceted to perfection is mounted in a 14k gold prong setting. It looks elegant and simple as it hangs from the single bale of this solitaire diamond pendant necklace.
  • $489
    Someone rightly said, love is all we need; and when love is teamed up with the purity of lab grown diamonds the result is a truly mesmerizing piece of jewelry. Expertly crafted from 14k white gold, this love script necklace lets its expressive design do all the talking. The frame of this beautiful pendant is embedded with eco-friendly diamonds that dazzle with an unmistakable charm. A product of refined craftsmanship, this love pendant necklace is sure to instantly grab attention.
  • $729
    The elegantlydesigned cross is adorned with 11 scintillating lab grown diamonds in prong setting. This simple and shimmering diamond cross pendant for women is crafted in 14k gold. As it has a hidden bale, the pendant appears to be floating on the chain.
  • $1,159
    Intricately prong set in the center is a large round diamond dazzling in all its splendor. There are even more diamonds surrounding it and on the bale for added glitter. Offering a distinct edge, the accent diamonds are secured in a bar setting on this 14k gold lab grown diamond halo pendant.
  • $459
    A captivating piece of jewelry, like this diamond necklace, is a great way to showcase your refined sense of style. This flawlessly crafted design features two open circle frames that are beautifully entwined with one another. The larger circle is adorned with prong set lab grown diamonds that display an impeccable brilliance and purity. The smaller frame, on the other hand, radiates the sophistication of 14k white gold. Together, this double interlocking circle pendant entices your gaze with its sheer beauty.
  • $319
    If a perfect blend of understated elegance and style is what you prefer then this necklace may just be what you need. It showcases a sleek horizontal bar that gleams with the radiance of 14k white gold. Infusing just the right hint of brilliance into its minimalistic pattern is a diamond solitaire, which is prong set towards one side of the pendant. The contemporary design and the eco-friendly gem together make this diamond bar pendant a wonderful addition to your jewelry collection.
  • $359
    Depicting the charm of a blooming flower, this captivating and exceptionally designed necklace entices your gaze with absolute ease. It features sparkling lab grown diamonds that come together to form a luxurious halo and shine endlessly. In the heart of this pendant sits a glorious solitaire, surrounded by more lustrous lab grown diamonds that create a mesmerizing floral design. Crafted in 14k white gold, this flower cluster pendant displays exceptional quality and skilled craftsmanship.
  • $539
    A beautiful representation of true love, this two stone diamond pendant is designed in 14k gold. The lab grown diamonds in the center are encircled with halos of many more round diamonds for a dazzling look. For added sparkle, the double bale is accented with tiny diamonds in linear pattern.
  • $929
    Glamour is personified with effortless ease by this captivating and flawlessly designed elongated triangle necklace. It showcases splendid lab grown diamonds that have been prong set on an expertly crafted large triangle frame. The 14k white gold metal uplifts the allure of the stylish design and creates the perfect backdrop for a fashionable piece of jewelry. Radiating the right blend of quality and beauty, this diamond triangle necklace is sure to garner admiration.
  • $369
    Some exceptionally designed pieces of jewelry complement your feminine charm with effortless ease, and this diamond necklace does exactly that. Its stylish asymmetrical horizontal double bar pattern draws focus to the brilliance of lab grown diamonds that capture attention instantly. The 14k white gold metal envelops this alluring piece of jewelry with its innate elegance, and further elevates the overall appeal. Undeniably chic and extremely stylish, this curved bar necklace is worthy of all the admiration it receives.
  • $469
    The perfect balance of style and sophistication is always captivating, and that's exactly what is radiated by this impeccably crafted necklace. Designed in 14k white gold, this charming piece of jewelry features radiant lab grown diamond accents that are pave set on the open triangle pendant. The milgrain detailing on the edges lends a captivating charm to the overall appearance. The fashionable touch to an otherwise classy design ensures this necklace entices your gaze almost instantly.
  • $569
    Sculpted beautifully in 14k gold is a puffed heart adorned with glimmering diamonds in prong setting. They are arranged in a stunning infinity knot style. This exquisite lab grown diamond pendant necklace perfectly exemplifies everlasting love.
  • $379
    Make an elegant style statement as you adorn this expertly designed and eye-catching diamond necklace. It features an artistically curved horizontal bar pendant that is embellished with sparkling lab grown diamonds. These conflict-free gems cluster together within the frame in a prong setting and shine like stars in the night sky. Crafted in 14k white gold, this diamond necklace is a wonderful choice to showcase your love for a truly mesmerizing piece of jewelry.
  • $309
    This flawlessly crafted cross necklace, encrusted with incandescent lab grown diamonds, is a stunning symbol of belief. The pave set, eco-friendly diamonds cluster together and adorn the frame of the cross with their sheer brilliance. Uplifting the charm of this diamond dangle necklace is the intricate milgrain detailing that embellishes the entire silhouette and infuses a distinct vintage charm. An awe-inspiring beauty in 14k white gold, this cross pendant is a statement of refined luxury.
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About Lab Grown Diamond Pendant Necklaces

There's nothing quite as stunning as a flawless diamond that sparkles when adorned around the neck, which makes necklaces a celebrated piece of jewelry by women all over the world. Both pendants and necklaces are now available in an array of stunning designs. Whether you wish to make a fashion statement grand enough for the red carpet, or simply want to flaunt your understated elegance, this popular accessory will never disappoint. Our collection of necklaces for women radiates an incredible brilliance that comes from our lab grown diamonds. We embellish our jewelry with only engineered diamonds that are grown in sophisticated laboratories with controlled parameters that replicate the environment within the earth’s crust. This process results in 100% conflict-free diamonds that leave zero carbon foot print, and do not contribute to natural or human exploitation. Our diamond necklaces are available in a variety of styles that complement every mood and occasion.


Certain jewelry pieces radiate an innate quality of timelessness, and that’s precisely what you’ll find in our classic collection. These necklaces have significant meanings attached to them and are more than just fashion accessories. For instance, the past-present-future necklace is adorned with a large diamond in the center, which represents the present, while the two smaller diamonds on both the sides signify the past and the future. It’s symbolic of the present moment’s prominence over what was and what will be. The dazzling diamond cross pendant, on the other hand, offers a simplistic and elegant way to express your faith and belief.


Making a style statement is not just the domain of celebrities anymore. With a jewelry piece from this collection, you too are sure to effortlessly grab attention. Our floating diamond pendant featuring a solitaire dazzles splendidly within its drop-shaped frame. This fashionable piece of jewelry is perfect for both day wear and a night out of town. You could also choose our diamond studded infinity knot pendant, which holds a beautiful puffed heart in the center. A wonderful representation of everlasting love, this pendant is another excellent option to flaunt your personal sense of style and fashion.


This style is extremely popular and much admired as it features a stunning diamond in the center flanked by accent diamonds that take its charm to a new level. Together they create an alluring diamond halo pendant that radiates an extraordinary sparkle.


This pendant style exudes a luxurious appeal, and the flawless lab grown or lab created diamonds used in each of these designs radiate a shimmer that’s hard to miss. Be it a classic solitaire style, heart-shaped design or an infinity knot; these beautiful pendants will capture hearts with much ease.

Whether you prefer an elaborate halo design, an elegant cross necklace or a single rock mounted in a solitaire setting, our collection of diamond necklaces for women has them all. When you choose Pure Ignis jewelry, you also become a part of our effort towards creating a more sustainable and greener tomorrow.