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  • $459
    Make your bridetobe feel like a princess with this diamondencrusted half eternity wedding band. Lab grown to perfection, the Upave diamonds sparkle away with matchless beauty. This diamond wedding band in 14k gold strikes the right balance between opulence and grace.
  • $549
    The timeless charm radiated by a classic piece of jewelry, like this flawlessly designed half eternity band, makes it a desirable possession. It features two rows of partially embedded lab grown diamonds that run parallel to each other and dazzle like beautiful stars. The band itself complements their allure with the innate sophistication of 14k white gold metal. This alluring diamond wedding band is a wonderful example of the seamless balance between the purity of lab grown diamonds and expert craftsmanship.
  • $759
    A beautiful blend of classic and modern elements, this five stone wedding band features flawless lab grown diamonds in bar setting. The design is crafted in 14k gold for an extraordinary look.
  • $339
    Make your moment of "I do" truly priceless with the exquisiteness of this wedding band. The radiance of 14k white gold metal offers the perfect background for the bezel set lab grown diamonds that adorn the clover frame of the ring. These splendid eco-friendly gems are also partially u-pave set on the shank in a way that connects all the clover frames together. The purity of lab grown diamonds and the eye-catching pattern makes this clover half eternity wedding band a possession to be treasured for a lifetime.
  • $399
    The artistically contoured design of this wedding band infuses a contemporary twist to the otherwise simplistic pattern. It showcases glistening lab grown diamonds that partially adorn the circumference and instantly elevate the allure of this wedding ring with their purity. The 14k white gold metal radiates a distinctive sophistication and perfectly complements the charm of the eco-friendly gems. This splendid half eternity band's sleek shank makes it comfortable to be stacked along with other rings.
  • $359
    This classy wedding band has been designed to give you the best of both worlds; the purity of lab grown diamonds and the visual appeal of a sophisticated design. It showcases two horizontal bar frames, one placed above the other, in an asymmetrical fashion for an alluring look. Both the bars are partially adorned with prong set lab grown diamonds that entice your gaze with their sheer brilliance. The 14k white gold metal envelops this double bar bypass band with an innate sophistication, and further elevates its beauty.
  • $229
    A splendid half eternity wedding band, like the one seen here, is a beautiful way to make your promise of a bond that transcends time. The design of this classic piece of jewelry features a sleek shank that is draped with the sophistication of 14k white gold. Infusing opulence into this ring's minimalist pattern are glimmering lab grown diamonds that are partially bezel set on the shank. Eco-friendly diamonds and the alluring charm radiated by this stackable wedding ring together make it a prized possession.
  • $539
    This is a full eternity wedding band, embellished with lab grown diamonds. The stones are placed close to each other in a stylish channel setting and sparkle brilliantly. Designed in 14k gold, this ring has a modish and subtle elegance.
  • $519
    Five round lab grown diamonds, bezel set on a 14k gold band, blaze brilliantly. The milgrain detailing around each diamond lends a hint of oldworld romance to this five stone wedding band.
  • $309
    Make your moment of "I do" truly memorable with this spectacular half eternity wedding band. Its contemporary design showcases a sleek shank that is adorned with alternating marquise and square frames with gorgeous milgrain detailing around the silhouette. Embedded within these frames are pave set lab grown diamonds that instantly infuse opulence into the design. The 14k white gold metal offers the perfect backdrop for this stunning piece of jewelry. An undeniably charming pattern teamed with eco-friendly gems makes this stackable wedding band a product of refined artistry.
  • $309
    The impressive design of this half eternity wedding band symbolizes the strength of a bond that transcends time. It is crafted from 14k white gold that drapes the ring with an elegant sheen, while the lab grown diamonds that partially adorn the shank captivate your gaze with their sheer brilliance. These eco-friendly gems are pave set within expertly crafted leaf motif frames that also feature milgrain detailing around the silhouette for a truly mesmerizing look. This wedding band showcases the perfect blend of expert craftsmanship and the purity of lab grown diamonds.
  • $709
    Two bands, encrusted with lab grown round diamonds, intertwine for a striking look. This 14k gold wedding band is a gorgeous combination of sparkle and sophistication.
  • $579
    Crafted to perfection, this half eternity wedding band features two rows of round lab grown diamonds. The stones partially embellish the 14k gold band giving the design a modern, streamlined look.
  • $379
    Sleek and dainty, this wedding band features a diamondencrusted shank that conveys your unconditional love to your bridetobe. Intricately detailed to create a flawless look, this lab grown diamond band looks simply gorgeous when worn solo or paired with the engagement ring.
  • $339
    Opulence is embodied effortlessly by this alluring and expertly crafted wedding band. It displays stunning lab grown diamonds that have been pave set within beautiful hexagon frames. The elegant milgrain detailing on the edges draws your focus towards the magnificence of the eco-friendly gems. The 14k white gold metal further uplifts the allure of the design and creates the perfect backdrop for a classy piece of jewelry. Showcasing a flawless blend of quality and beauty, this wedding band is sure to win hearts.
  • $459
    Designed to fit perfectly with an engagement ring, this indented wedding band is crafted in 14k gold. Its contoured cut conveniently accommodates a ring's large center stone. This semi eternity ring is embellished with pave set lab grown diamonds. The milgrain detailing lends a vintage feel to this scintillating ring.
  • $619
    Embellished with brilliant lab grown round diamonds, this eternity wedding band in 14k gold is a sight to behold. Delicately set in sturdy prongs, the flawless stones twinkle with breathtaking beauty.
  • $329
    Showcase your penchant for a truly mesmerizing piece of jewelry with this expertly designed wedding band. The delicate and visually stunning curves of this ring depict the infinity knot, which represents a bond that transcends time. Infusing luminescence into this captivating pattern are the prong set lab grown diamonds that alternate with the infinity motifs, and also adorn their core. Crafted from 14k white gold metal, this infinity twist wedding band is a wonderful choice to make your promise of an everlasting love.
  • $329
    Adorned with a gorgeous gypsy set secret diamond, this classic wedding band is a simple expression of true love. The 14k gold lab grown diamond band with a low dome profile is designed to offer a snug yet comfortable fit.
  • $599
    This expertly crafted piece of jewelry radiates a magnificent sparkle that does not just entice your gaze, but also captures your heart. The design of this dome shaped wedding band showcases three rows of lustrous lab grown diamonds that are partially prong set on its sleek shank. These eco-friendly diamonds dazzle like stars in the night sky and grab your attention effortlessly. Designed in 14k white gold, this absolutely luxurious half eternity band is sure to be a possession you will cherish for a lifetime.
  • $609
    Intricately adorned in 14k gold, the luminous lab grown round diamonds look stunning. This half eternity wedding band is the perfect symbol of everlasting love and commitment.
  • $389
    Sophistication is redefined by the simple yet extremely versatile design of this semi-eternity wedding band. It features resplendent lab grown diamonds that are partially u-pave set on this charming piece of jewelry. The shank of this half eternity band has been crafted to ensure comfort and the versatility to be worn along with other rings. The blend of 14k radiant white gold with the brilliance of eco-friendly gems together creates an alluring look that's hard to miss.
  • $769
    This pave set lab grown diamond eternity band is a true sparkler. It comes with a threesided diamond studded shank that lends an interesting twist to the classic design. Crafted in 14k gold, this diamond band is the perfect choice for weddings or anniversaries.
  • $559
    This half eternity wedding band is adorned with five dazzling prong set lab grown diamonds that sparkle endlessly. The lustrous 14k gold band perfectly complements the glimmer of the diamonds.
  • $389
    Crafted with a distinct appeal, this lab grown diamond wedding band looks gorgeous in 14k gold. The sparkling round diamonds are spaced out in a semi eternity style. They are pave set for a stunning encrusted look.
  • $409
    An elegant semi eternity wedding band adorned with dazzling lab grown diamonds in prong setting. The 14k gold dome band adds to the subtle glamour of this piece.
  • $429
    This delicate and alluring half eternity wedding band showcases brilliant lab grown diamonds in pave setting. Designed in 14k gold, this piece is the perfect expression of unending love.
  • $669
    High on sophisticated elegance, this wedding band for him is designed in 14k gold. The lab grown diamond is secured in a tension setting that appears to be floating in between the shank. This unique style of solitaire setting allows the diamond to glimmer immensely.
  • $349
    The simple yet beautiful appeal of some wedding bands, like this one, captures attention almost effortlessly. The 14k white gold metal envelops this charming piece of jewelry with an incredible luster and makes the five lab grown diamonds appear even more luminous. These prong set eco-friendly gems embody purity, which makes them a priceless possession. With its impeccable quality and a captivating visual allure, this classic lab grown diamond stackable band offers the perfect way to make your promise of love truly memorable.
  • $989
    This 14k gold lab grown diamond wedding band is designed with a touch of mystery and luxury. On the beveled edges are glistening diamonds neatly pave set, while the interior is carved with heart motifs.
  • $1,359
    Designed with a hint of sparkle, this men's wedding band is studded with brilliant lab grown diamonds on the satin edges. The diamonds are spaced out, striking the perfect balance of sophistication and exquisiteness. The center of this satin finish ring is finished with a subtle brushed effect.
  • $879
    This wedding band ring for men features a polished twotone look. It is enhanced with lab grown diamonds adorned at the center of the ring. The shimmering diamonds are secured in a stylish channel setting.
  • $839
    Sculpted in 14k gold, this low dome wedding band has a simple and elegant look with a comfort fit. It is adorned with a lab grown round diamond in gypsy setting that twinkles like the North Star.
  • $599
    A nice way to keep a secret with this classic low dome wedding band. It is plain on the outside but has a glimmering gypsy set lab grown diamond hidden on the inside. Sculpted in 14k gold, this secret diamond band with a surprise element is a splendid expression of your love.

About Lab Grown Diamond Wedding Rings

Wedding vows differ, so do the ceremonies, but the tradition of exchanging wedding rings continues to remain a constant symbol of eternal love and commitment across cultures.

At Pure Ignis, our stunning collection of wedding rings and bands sparkles with the brilliance of lab grown diamonds, and offers the perfect blend of quality and sophistication. Available for both men and women in an assortment of styles such as eternity, half eternity, classic, fashion and solitaire; they’re bound to make your special moment, even more priceless.

Here’s a look at some of our most popular styles of diamond wedding rings and bands for men and women.

For Her

Eternity Wedding Band: Nothing showcases your promise of everlasting love and commitment like a full eternity band. Shimmering with the luminosity of lab grown or lab created diamonds, this style of wedding band has received much admiration from women all across the globe. We’ve incorporated a stylish channel setting in the design to further elevate the splendor of this eternity band.

Five Stone Wedding Band with Milgrain Edges: Refined and splendid, this wedding band features five dazzling lab grown diamonds that radiate an incredible sparkle. Available in white, yellow and rose gold, the allure of this style is effortlessly uplifted by the beautiful milgrain detailing that surrounds each diamond and infuses an old-world charm.

Diamond Indented Semi Eternity Wedding Band: When it comes to diamond wedding rings for women, semi eternity bands have also gained much admiration. The indented center of this particular design lends the ring a beautifully curved silhouette, while the glittering diamonds dazzle endlessly. This wedding band is a great choice for someone who wants the perfect blend of finesse and luster.

For Him

Tension Set Diamond Solitaire Wedding Band: Crafted in gold, the sophisticated design of this band makes it an excellent wedding ring option for men. It features a glistening diamond solitaire held securely in a tension setting, which makes it appear like it’s afloat between the shanks. This uniquely styled ring allows the solitaire to shine with all its brilliance.

Secret Heart Pattern Men's Wedding Band: A hint of mystery is always fascinating, and so is the design of this exquisite wedding band. Its beveled edges are encrusted with glittering lab grown diamonds, while the interior part of the ring holds within itself flawlessly carved heart motifs.

Classic Low Dome Wedding Band with Secret Diamond: The design of this wedding band radiates a charm that’s quite different from the others. While appearing elegant on the outside, it inconspicuously holds within itself a beautiful, gypsy set lab grown diamond. The surprise element hidden within this classy ring makes it perfect for men who prefer understated sophistication with just a hint of luxury.

At Pure Ignis, our alluring collection of wedding rings and bands features only lab grown diamonds that are 100% conflict-free. These diamonds do not contribute to environmental or human exploitation, which makes them perfect to make your promise of a lifetime of pure love.